Once You Go Mac

Have you ever dreamed about a PC that you don’t need to shut down. Where you just had to close the lid and when you open it, it only takes about 2 seconds to be ready to use?

For over a year I’ve been a proud Mac owner and I won’t go back to Windows or any other OS soon.

Currently I run Windows XP, Ubuntu and Fedora next to the native Mac OS X snow leopard operating system. All of this is made possible through the use of virtual machines. It also means that I can run them all at the same time.

Appreciate a Mac

In a nutshell, some of the things you could appreciate when using a Mac:

  • No shutdown needed (except when installing major updates).
  • Rotating pictures is so easy (and fun). You open them all in them in the Preview application and turn them with a rotate gesture.
  • Multiple operating systems on one machine.

Where Apple could improve

Although Apple tries really hard to make things as easy for the user as they could, but being perfect isn’t really possible. Here’s a list of things which where hard to do or could be improved:

  • Change the default program for a certain extension. If you want to do this for all the files of a specific type, it can be cumbersome.
  • Change the default browser. In or to do this, you need to go through safari, which seems a bit weird to me.
  • Add more multi touch gestures to iTunes. For instance when you want to go to the first/last songs in the list - a 3 finger up or down sweep.

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